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Note-taking by Paige Rollins

Repairs to a water main break in Trenton are expedited following concerns of water saturation of nearby railway tracks.

Live reporting by Roshaun Harris

Board seeks federal money to fund technology used to target, proactively intervene and prevent water main breaks.

Roshaun Harris @roshaun_harris
I will be live tweeting the Great Lakes Water Authority at 11am . This meeting is being held on zoom.#DETdocumenters @DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @MichiganRadio @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit

09:50 AM Mar 8, 2023 CST

Roshaun Harris @roshaun_harris 2/15
Director Baker is excused from the meeting. Agenda and minutes from last meeting approved. Meeting started promptly at 11:01am.
Roshaun Harris @roshaun_harris 3/15
No public comment.
Roshaun Harris @roshaun_harris 4/15
No old business discussed.
Roshaun Harris @roshaun_harris 5/15
Repairs taking place at Springwells water treatment plant. The lowest cost bid was enlisted to do the work according to the board.
Roshaun Harris @roshaun_harris 6/15
Schoolcraft road concrete pavement restoration and landscaping project, which has had several delays to date, is requesting more time to complete work.
Roshaun Harris @roshaun_harris 7/15
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Roshaun Harris @roshaun_harris 8/15
Additional time is being requested for implementation of instrumentation and SCADA systems service. The project started in 2017 and originally had a 24 month term.
Roshaun Harris @roshaun_harris 9/15
This contract has been rebid according to Cheryl Porter of GLWA.
Roshaun Harris @roshaun_harris 10/15
Navid Mehram of wastewater operations explains rehabilitation of Ferric Chloride Feed system at PS-1 and complex B sludge lines. Says extension is needed. Board voted to approve extension.
Roshaun Harris @roshaun_harris 11/15
Board votes to approve water resource recovery facility improvements to the sludge feed system for solids processing.
Roshaun Harris @roshaun_harris 12/15
Board votes to approve resolution in support of the Great Lakes Water Authority's request for an appropriation to assist the utility's wastewater system improvements project. Total cost is estimated at $58 million.
Roshaun Harris @roshaun_harris 13/15
Bill Wolfson of GLWA says that state and federal government are being solicited for fiduciary support in the wastewater system improvements project.
Roshaun Harris @roshaun_harris 14/15
Zoom feed was cut of in the middle of Mr. Wolfson speaking on $10.6 million GLWA budget for upcoming project. Will find more details and post later.
Roshaun Harris @roshaun_harris 15/15
Zoom restored as meeting was adjourned at 11:42am.


By Paige Rollins 3/8/2023

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Great Lakes Water Authority

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The Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) is a regional water and sewer authority that services nearly 40 percent of the water customers in Michigan. Currently GLWA provides wholesale water and waste water services to 127 municipalities in eight Southeastern Michigan counties, which is equivalent to approximately 3.9 million customers.


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