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Council members approve police union contract

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05:52 PM Nov 13, 2023 CST

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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland Public comments first, RA from Medina speaks on matters of pubic concerns, specifically the conflict between Palestine and Israel. She reads a poem and asks Mayor Justin Bibb how many kids is he responsible for killing today.
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland Basma of Cleveland discusses the cease fire in Gaza. What are the negatives decisions have I made in my life to justify killing of children, innocent journalist. What are the positive decisions I have made to make this world a better place.
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland Lucas Wagner of Mentor speaks about Palestine. He starts by stating it has been three weeks since the people have asked for a cease fire and "you" choose to turn your head.
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland Alek of Cleveland Hts. speaks on a war on hate. He opens with a prayer on the conflict in the Middle East - he does not say it in English. States according to Islam, the judgment has come.
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland Sara G of Cleveland Hts. speaks on Israel, asks Mayor Bibb and city council to take measures to stop students from spreading hate.
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland D. Taylor asks what Council is going to do to bring in a program to teach our kids and what can be done so that the programs are started when kids exit juvenile detention.
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland No public comments. The Clerk reads communications.
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland The Clerk reads the congratulatory resolutions.
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland The Clerk does the first reading of legislation and first up is Emergency Ordinance 1269-2023 for improvements to certain roads in East Cleveland.…
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland EO 1270-2023 relating to grant agreements that will support construction of a new residential treatment facility for Hitchcock Center for Women, Inc. at 1227 Ansel Road.…
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland EO 1273-2023 related to continued operation and maintenance of up to 15 kiosks at security checkpoints and Hopkins Int'l.…
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland EO 1277-2023 related to grants from the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District for Community Cost Share program funding.…
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland EO 1286-2023 related to grants for a lead safe program using a portion of the City's Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund.…
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland EO 1287-2023 related contracts with the Cuyahoga County Public Defender Commission for legal services necessary to defend indigent defendants charged with violation of ordinances of the City of Cleveland that may result in incarceration.…
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland 1295-2023 for professional services necessary to provide appropriate placement for defendants to be assigned into supervised pretrial release without the sanction of incarceration and to provide related services.…
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland EO 1300-2023 authorizing the director to enter into one or more contracts with the Task Force on Violent Crime, dba Partnership for a Safer Cleveland; and to enter into various written standard purchase and requirement
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland EO Read in Full and Passed - 1279-2023 Authorizing the Director of the Dept of Community Dev to enter into agreement with Bellaire-Puritas Development Corporation for the public purpose of providing Ward 16 Code Enforcement Program through the use of Wards 16 Casino Revenue Funds
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland 1280-2023 Consenting and approving the issuance of a permit for the annual Transplant House 5K event, on June 9, 2024, managed by Hermes Sports & Events.
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland 1296-2023 Authorizing the Director of the Department of Community Development to enter into agreement with Famicos Foundation for the public purpose of providing the 2023 Food Card Distribution Program through the use of Wards 7, 8, 9, 10, and 14 Casino Revenue Funds.
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland 1304-2023 Approving the collective bargaining agreement with the Laborers International Union of North America (LiUNA), Local 860 (Non-Supervisory and Supervisory).
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland 1305-2023 Approving the collective bargaining agreement with the Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association (Chief Dispatcher); and to amend Section 15 of Ordinance No. 194-2021, passed March 29, 2021, as amended, relating to salaries for various classifications
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland 1306-2023 Approving the collective bargaining agreement with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 38; and to amend Section 20 of Ordinance No. 194-2021, passed March 29, 2021, as amended, relating to salaries for various classifications.
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland 1307-2023 Approving the collective bargaining agreement with the Plumbers Local 55 (Plumbers Inspectors); and to amend Section 21 of Ordinance No. 194-2021, passed March 29, 2021, as amended, relating to salaries for various classifications.
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland 1329-2023 Amending Section 1 of Ordinance No. 655-2023, passed May 22, 2023, relating to the Agreement with Bellaire Puritas Development Corporation for Housing Code Enforcement Program through the use of Ward 16 Casino revenue Funds.
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland 1301-2023 related to design, inspection, reconstruction, repair and installation of roadways, sidewalks, etc. from Euclid Beach Blvd. to Lakeshore Blvd.
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland Emergency Ordinances passed -
748-2023 related to Public Square
1013-2023 - related to utilities contracts
1014-2023 related to commercial water meters………
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland 1026-2023 related to public improvement contracts
1086-2023 tax revenue from tax remittances collected by Cleveland Public Power in 2024 and 2025 and transfer 100% of tax remittances collected in both years back to Cleveland Public Power…
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland 1093-2023 related to parking near the West Side Market
1136-2023 related to water quality detection equipment
1153-2023 related to Northern Ohio Blanket Mill mixed-use project.………
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland 1156-2023 related to a grant agreement with Jordan Community Residential Center dba Jordan Community Resource Center to provide economic development assistance to partially finance renovation of its health and wellness facility known as “The Oasis in the City”.
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland A complete list of Emergency Ordinances can be obtained here…
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland Council member Jasmin Santana thanks the other council members for approving EO 1153-2023 related to 100 percent of the housing will be Section 8. Get more details about the EO here.…
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@cledocumenters @signalcleveland The meeting is adjourned.
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