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Live reporting by Benjamin Brushaber
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Grand Rapids City Commission holds three public hearings at 10/24 meeting.

Ben Brushaber @BrushaberBen
Good evening. I'll be covering the City Commission meeting tonight for @GRDocumenters. There's a number of items on the agenda for tonight, with multiple opportunities for public comment.

06:00 PM Oct 24, 2023 CDT

Ben Brushaber @BrushaberBen 2/11
After a call to order, moment of silence, pledge of allegiance, and roll call, the meeting will begin with public comment related specifically to action items found on the agendas of previously held meetings on Oct. 24
Ben Brushaber @BrushaberBen 3/11
After one public comment made, the commission recognized the two received reports of city officers.
Ben Brushaber @BrushaberBen 4/11
The Fiscal Committee, Community Development Committee and Committee of the Whole all had approved items from previously-held meetings.
Ben Brushaber @BrushaberBen 5/11
Moving on to the first of three public hearings, the first is in regards to appeals for the Special Nuisance Roll 8782. There were no public comments related to this public hearing.
Ben Brushaber @BrushaberBen 6/11
The second public hearing considers the Brownfield Plan Amendment for the DeVries Jewelers Redevelopment Project located at 433 Leonard Street NW. Construction on the development is planned to begin in Winter 2023 with an anticipated project completion of Fall 2024.
Ben Brushaber @BrushaberBen 7/11
The last public hearing is a group of two, considering Ascent Fine Cabinetry's project Walkerview Industrial Park. Specifically, for the establishment of an Industrial Development District and an Industrial Facilities Exemption Certificate.
Ben Brushaber @BrushaberBen 8/11
Moving on to the final opportunity for public comment. One member of the public commented on transportation needs for the city and Grand Rapids Public Schools. A comment was also made regarding the 2023 Michigan Reproductive Health Act (House Bill 4949).
Ben Brushaber @BrushaberBen 9/11
A comment was made about access to mental health resources and housing opportunities within the Grand Rapids Community Master Plan.
Ben Brushaber @BrushaberBen 10/11
One member of the public commented their desire to see increased voter registration for specific age demographics.
Ben Brushaber @BrushaberBen 11/11
After the public comment section ended, commissioners responded to public comment, agenda items, future plans, with the meeting adjourning at 8:03pm